A day for you, a day for me,

a day for all us three.  Bring

your imaginary friends along

too ladies and gents.  We

come to celebrate AFR day,

right here in sweet old USA.

What’s AFR day you say?

Its only Alicorns Farting

Rainbows day!  The very

day in history where some

wise old people decided to not

take themselves so seriously

and continued the tradition,

at least once a year.

When you can suspend

your life, time and travel.

Just to take a day

just to be, say whatever

you like and be whoever

you want.  AFR, for you,

for me, for all

who want to just be.

M. Willcox

Artwork M. Willcox

Day 27 – Making Cheer Up – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

Yes I’ve gone and done it, Alicorns Farting Rainbows will be a big hit! 😉


6 thoughts on “AFR Day

  1. Bwahahaha..I know some people*cough* who have taken to feeding their Alicorns Skittles to add power to the rainbow farts :DXXX


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