Dread no more…


Thank you for taking this meeting,

I’m sure you’ve got plenty to keep you busy.

No don’t speak, I’ll talk for both of us right now.

You understand why I called this chat?

*Dreams nod*

I can’t tolerate your incessant dread

anymore.  You have plagued my sleep

for so long I can’t remember.  If you

can’t clean up your act, I’ll have to let

you go.  Do you understand?

*Dreams scowls and nods*

I don’t want to resort to this because

sometimes I have the most beautiful

and vivid dreams, colors so bright I

can remember them when I wake up.

But the other 99% of the time, I wake

up confused, sad, scared or terrified.

This has to stop, I don’t want to dream

up the past and live creative nightmares

anymore.  I’m afraid I’m at my wits end with

you.  Keep it up and your gone.

*Dreams looks sad and acknowledges*

*Dreams starts to cry and is ignored”

I’ve cried enough tears because of you

and I’m not crying anymore so your tears

don’t mean anything to me.

*Dreams stiffens and glares*

I hope you take away something good

from this meeting because I know I will,

I’m done being your bitch and wearing

your cloak on my days.  I’m just done

and I’ll have no more of this nonsense.

Police yourself or your gone.

*Dreams slumps out of the room*

M. Willcox

Day 26 – “Speak to your Affliction” – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

“Borrowed” Artwork by James Jean http://www.jamesjean.com

Suffice to say I have nightmares that haunt my days so sometimes I wake up

just so I won’t dream anymore.  Its a part of life I detest and am ready to be done with.


M. Willcox “The Light at the end of the Tunnel”


7 thoughts on “Dread no more…

  1. Nice write. I agree with Sharon that the setting makes it extra fun. A few suggestions: Evening Primrose oil might help you sleep a bit better, also melatonin can do that too. If you get more exercise or do some sort of exhausting activity during the day, you’re more likely to sleep heavily. And if all that fails, there’s always Prince Valium. 🙂

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