No sleep for the wicked….


Snakes and devils plague my dreams,

screaming and shouting at the devil to

get back and leave my head, waking up

in a sweat soaked place and afraid to

close my eyes once more.  I wish

you all gone, leave this place where

I might find solace and peaceful slumber.

I can’t go on like this, some of us have

a life in the waking hours and I can’t afford

to miss mine just because I don’t sleep

like a mindless baby, ignoring all the

bad and keeping the good instead.

Morning hours are for doing not

sleeping, I was always told, yet

I find myself the most blissful

sleep there ever could be when

the sun comes up.  Perhaps I was

supposed to be a vampire, sleeping

in when others are awake and awake

when others are asleep.  Oh sleep

how I miss your good moments, come

back and tell me its not all for nought,

tell me I’ll close my eyes and not see

beyond the veil of death ever again.

M. Willcox

I’m having horrible nightmares and wake up screaming for things to get off me,

I’m always afraid to go to sleep now.


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