The Trigger…


My last line of a 30 day

stretch has to be epic,

take the breath and leave

them wanting more.  I

can’t expect anything less

than perfection after honing

a craft for so long.

Practice makes perfect and

sets in motion the obsession.

I must write to keep the

darkness at bay and look

with light at my deepest


Line will keep me anchored and

attached to this reality as my

head tends to float in water.

Lofty ideas have their hooks in me

and I’m not afraid to explore and take

them to the next level of


A violin plays in the

background and I have no

other recourse but to fall

in love with every note.

In 30 days, we’ve come

so far and I’m not turning back

the time to where I was before,

I’m facing forward and those

in motion tend to stay in motion.

A motion I will continue.  A spark

I cannot ignore.

Notes carry me all the way to the

words that flow from my fingers.

The last line of a 30 day stretch

has to be…perfect.  It has to feel

right and end on a fair motive,

violin dies and silence

ensues as Stevie Nicks is on the

Edge of Seventeen.

Blues accompanies her and allows my

thoughts to flow at a slower pace,

taking me deep into those dark

abscesses that cry for release

as a guitar is pouring my soul

out in its strings.  The last line

has to provide resolve or

it questions forever and denies

tranquility.  In 30 days I

have poured my heart

and soul into the words

that come from my fingertips,

they roll off the tip of the tongue

and give flesh and blood to the

bone weary that I am.  The last line

has to be….brave.
M. Willcox (photo by M. Willcox)

Day 30 – Poetry Gone Wild – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

I will seriously miss this….and you all 😉


5 thoughts on “The Trigger…

  1. My favorite lines: “Lofty ideas have their hooks in me/and I’m not afraid to explore and take/them to the next level of/existence.” I love them because I believe in them. Then, of course, your last line had me pumping my fist in the air and doing a mental little dance. Brave. So brave. And there is where everything starts… ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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