2x Dare

I dared to challenge myself to something

I’ve not done in a long while.  To share

the gory bits  when you have PTSD is a harder thing

to come by even when its with people

you care for.  Sharing with strangers

(now friends), is a much harder thing

to wrap one’s brain around.


In daring to take this challenge (with myself),

I’ve rediscovered something that once took

the pressure off and let the words heal instead

of hurt.  I am full of life and its been a long time

since I’ve lived or allowed myself to do so.

With the will to do so in drive, I can go

anywhere my fingers take me.


I now double dare myself to overcome my obstacles

and bring about positive changes to my worm

eaten existence and grow something anew in the

form of light and lines and words.  By 2016

I shall be a blossoming tree of light and life

in full view for all that care to see and swoon.

Reanimation is coming soon!


M. Willcox


Day 28 – This Poem Has a Mission – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

First art piece by James Jean, the last two are mine.

My second and final entry for the day.  I was thinking three stanzas were three lines,

my brain finally kicked in gear and I was like, D’oh!  So heres the real thing.

Again, thanks all for helping to burst my bubble (in a good way).


6 thoughts on “2x Dare

  1. Sweet Mary, Brave Mary, Beautiful Mary… your last line made me grin so hard that I thought my face would split (and if it had, I would have been happy about it). This entire poem is such a blessing, for you and for those of us watching intently. This challenge was about self, and if the time and muse allowed, we could bring others in. You’ve done that and more… and to see you planning for tomorrow makes me a really, really, really happy witchy writer woman! ♥

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