Sonic Vibrations

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Notes surround and lift me up,

the pitter patter of my heart beats

in time to the melody in my headphones.

Nothing compares to the feeling

of freedom a few notes can leave me


They can carry you up high

and lift your blues, reminds you

that your alive and that life is truly

beautiful.  The feeling is inexplicable,

an art so motivating and eternal, so

powerful and soultastic.

Every note hits a chord and

strikes a nerve and all you

need is a beating heart and

some bass pumped headphones.

Euphoria guaranteed.

M. Willcox

Day 24 – “Art speaks to Art” – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

I can’t choose one artistic piece so I am choosing a genre, music.

Music is my life, I love it, it helped me out of dark places and

gives me something to aspire to.  It inspires and invigorates me.

I love music with all my stereo heart.


2 thoughts on “Sonic Vibrations

  1. Oh yes, I can definitely feel this one! It’s amazing how music can just make things seem lighter. I revisit that euphoria every chance I can get. It’s addicting but not harmful LOL

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