Maelstrom dictates…

dead girl

I know its coming, I created

a monster and now I’ve got

to brace for impact.  Its my

fault, I brought about this

chaos and mayhem will

surely follow.  Instinct says

to run but I shall stand and

fight, tooth and nail till

resolution can be found.

The aftermath will be lasting

and 99 Red Balloons won’t

save me this time.  Brace

yourself, this time it won’t be pretty.

Instinct says to learn my lesson,

but I know I’ll end up repeating

this mistake a million more times

before I can stop myself.  I’ve been

here before and I will again, but

I’m not done and this won’t break

me.  I won’t let it but anticipation

doesn’t help.

M. Willcox

Photo by M. Willcox

Day 25 – “Anticipating Mayhem” – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

I believe my eyes say it all.


8 thoughts on “Maelstrom dictates…

  1. I need to start by saying that this is a hauntingly powerful photo. Wow!

    The speakers way of coping with mayhem are very clear; I understand the choice not to run. Self-created chaos would only follow, so what will she gain from being tired when mayhem comes?

    Liked by 1 person

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