Fit to be Tied


Oh its you again, why you startled me…

awake.  What’s that, you have to speak up.

I hear you now, my painkillers are

wearing off.  I’m up, I’m up, I swear.

What is it this time?  You woke

me up from a dead sleep to tell me

what?  This couldn’t have waited for

a better time?  Perhaps three hours

later or at least let me make it to my

alarm.  You creep in the shadows of my

dreams and when you feel you’ve been

ignored, you start again.  You needy,

jealous little thing, I fed you a corona,

painkillers and muscle relaxers but your

just not satisfied.  So your waking me up

at 4 am for what, to remind me that your

still here, well I never forgot.  I couldn’t

forget and in delirium I sit half awake and

feeling your jealousy.  The ache of it

haunts my nights and keeps coming back

for more.  When will you be satisfied?  No

reply, great!  Lets act like grownups here.  You

are the familiar boogeyman and I’m

always here for more torment,

we’re all scared but wait,

oh we’re not.  You need a

new party line my friend.

I’m just going to leave

you to sulk and throb

some, rob me of sleep

yet again and I’ll give

you what for.

M. Willcox

Photos by M. Willcox

Day 23 – Pain and Sleep – NaPoWriMo 2015 with Magaly Guerrero

The pain of not sleeping due to pain causes much

internal dialogue and wishing you could turn the tables on pain

so you can sleep.  Pain equals sleeplessness equals pain.

The image is of a barbie rigged inside an old birdcage, it was an all

day affair since I had to rig her up and take photos and edit them.



6 thoughts on “Fit to be Tied

  1. That fit-to-be-tied monologue is so on point. What else is there to do? Especially when the one in pain sleeps with someone else. I’m glad that the speaker doesn’t try to fight the pain, but has accepted it as something that will always be there… The alternative is all the madness without any of the creativity.

    Your Barbie work–the rigging and the photo–are wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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