Where was I…


Where you left me and Gabe too…

Frozen and starving, we ventured

into the foreign but familiar world

below us to find the memories

didn’t lie and all around us, life,

regular life was happening.  We

were ushered in, clothed and fed,

asked a million questions and

exhausted, put to bed.  My head

hit my pillow and I was gone.  In

my memories I thought of Lily and our

given parents.  What Gabe would never

know.  I suppose its better that way but

I don’t know this way of life to be any

better yet.  Its all in a memory and I

no longer have to carry them all.

M. Willcox

My interpretation of what could happen once Jonas and Gabe hit civilization at the end of The Giver by Lois Lowry.  A wonderful book I read as a kid and recently reread.  There was also a movie adaptation out last year but we all know books are always better.  I have to read the whole series and will do so in the next month or so.  😉

Day 22 – Plant a Poem in a Tale – NaPoWriMo 2015 with Magaly Guerrero

Photo by http://spudwaka.deviantart.com/art/Apple-370620303


7 thoughts on “Where was I…

  1. Very nice. I knew just what you were talking about when I saw the apple. Nice references to the book. I have read the second book, after The Giver, and I must say that…it’s a bit disappointing. It’s still worth reading and it’s a quick read, but it doesn’t have the same flavor that the Giver did. :-\
    Nice write.

    Liked by 1 person

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