The Chosen


I have no other recourse…

You would have me give up

and throw the towel in, I’m not

done with this battle.  My time

has not come and my resilience

has not died.  Contrary to popular

belief, fatigue is not the end and

disbelief is not the last word on

the matter.  I will not give up,

give in, nor give ground to the

negativity that encircles my

encampment, snarling like

big bad wolves and entangling

my dreams, taking them hostage,

ensnaring them in their claws.

I will not allow my nightmares to

create my space and time, I will

not let my past call the shots

and ruin my future.  My heart is full

and I know deep down that I am

good enough, I will touch my dreams

and live them out. I have the heart to go on

and make you all eat your words.

I have the smarts to outwit you at

your best game.  I have the will to do this

and so much more, I am a

fighter…for now and for always, now

that my gloves are off, are you ready?

M. Willcox

Day 21 – This Poem is a Fighter – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

My resilience is eternal and deeply embedded in my

core, I will fight for as long as I draw breath.  problem child 001


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