Sweetie my Sweet Tea


Golden amber sweetness,

my tongue awaits your

smooth and sublime

splash of a bit of heaven

from leaves and a

dash of sugar.

Your sweetness makes

my toes curl and creates

a little dance on my tongue,

a dash of lemon adds

a zing that goes straight

to my heart.

I could lounge in your

essence morning, noon

and night.  You feel so

good slipping down my

throat and satisfying

my aching need

for something sweet.


I’m southern and I love sweet tea! 😉


6 thoughts on “Sweetie my Sweet Tea

  1. Sunshine in a jar. 🙂 Love iced tea on a summer day. I make mine with honey, though. I don’t do that often, because honey is so expensive, but it is sublime. My hubby makes his iced tea every day with sugar. Also, nice write. 🙂

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