Same Old….

whole final

A soul at rest has the

advantage.  A soul at

war never wins.  A soul

caught between rest and

war has a turmoil that

never dies, twisting guts

and thrashing all that seeks

for peace within.  Years pass

and war still rages on till the

hosts ravaged body has

declined its invitation to

participate.  External

factors always weigh

down the beleaguered

soul split in half already.

One quarter is ready

to throw in the white

flag till nightmares

shake and embed

their claws in the

slumbering soul

and it all



A new day, same old war.

M. Willcox

Final Rest by M. Willcox

Day 17 – Negativity Runs in Circles – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

The dark entity grasps and never lets go, I struggle with this everyday, if it had a form, the below would be it.

creep 001

(Self portrait – M. Willcox)


12 thoughts on “Same Old….

  1. I need to start by saying that I’m completely impressed by your artwork: photography, drawing, poetry… Is there something you can’t do?

    Your response to today’s prompt is magnificent. The fight between balance and letting emotions run their course is wonderfully illustrated through the worlds, and through the shape of your poem. I like how the structure thins and thickens and again… Then at the end, we get the sense that it is going to snap, but the last line–wide and speaking of a “new day”–adds a little hope. Even if it’s masked by the “same old war”.


  2. I too love your photo…..tired soul looking in on a world that evades her…your words gave us a taste of the exhaustion that comes with such a relentless cycle and constant struggle. Wishing you pleasanter dreams and moments of peace XXX

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