Seedling Star Souls


(Susan Seddon Boulet)

A knock on the door jarred me from my

afternoon snooze, I open it only to find

the tiniest of souls once called a dandelion,

now called a wish upon a star.  She spoke softly

and I had to lift her to my ear to hear her say,

“May I borrow a cup of milk?”

“My universe ran out and I’ve landed at your

door to find some more.”

“I can repay you in kind or kindness,

whichever you like.”  To this I replied

dear seedling star soul, I will give

you what you ask if you take me with you

on your journey home, I’d love to see your world.

The seedling star soul agreed and off we went to a

milkless world.  Beauty stunned me and all seemed

to float on end before setting down again.  I spent

the afternoon into the late night before the seedling

told me I had to go home or I’d be lost there, I weighed

my options and decided to float some more, I wouldn’t

miss milk all that much.

M. Willcox

Day 16 – Flying out of this world – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

Inspired by the phrase “May I borrow some milk?”  Whimsy and folly will follow.


12 thoughts on “Seedling Star Souls

  1. I love both the whimsy and the connection to the mystical here–to see a soul in a puff of dandelion is an amazing gift, and to float to that world and make it real, even more of one. Enjoyed this much, and glad you didn’t ask the seedling to switch to soy. ;_)

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