I let go


My eyes are open, no longer sticking my head in the sand.

I’m taking apart the parts that don’t work that well and replacing them with upgrades.

My magical goggles are gone and I can see the world for what it is.

I’m spellbound with what I’ve closed my eyes to before, no more, this is it.

Written word and exploration does so much for the soul, a phoenix I will

rise from the ashes I once called home.  I’m imagining possibilities that

once seemed a million miles away, allowing myself to breathe once again.

I’m dreaming of a better day once again and for once I’m going to bet on

this horse and see where my luck runs out.

This monologue can only take me higher as I imagine I should be, I’m

going to choose to believe in my past and look forward to my future, no

matter how grim parts may be.  Magic is happening folks and I owe

great thanks for the gentle prod to come out of my shell.

M. Willcox

I’ve stopped blocking what I don’t want to see, I’ll explore the

world around me again and bet on myself.  Thanks dear

lady for the hint that I have to change for the better.

Day 14 – Valued Activities in My Poetry with Magaly Guerrero 2015


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