A mind of its own…


Water rose and rose, seething to be set free.

The Damn was weak and soon the water

overpowered its Mistress.  Spilling down

down into the town, sweeping all it saw along

with it, raging that it had been caged so long.

A flood it was called and 38 souls it carried

into the afterlife.  The town would recover

and this time they would remember the

flood of 1913 and forever after that day be

prepared to fight the water and its ravages.

M. Willcox

The above picture is Piqua (Where I live now) when

the dam could’t hold the water and it flooded causing

much damage and devastation.  I cheated, this happened

in March, not April but I can say this felt right.

(I’m not sure who took this picture)


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