Inside Out


Viewing inside out, watching

your life unfold around you and

wondering how you know all the lines?

Viewing as it plays out, have you

seen this movie one two many times?

The same scene stretches on and on,

never really cutting to the next and

you still feel so detached.  Not connected

nor missed on set but watching from the

control tower.

Viewing your life as if it plays out as

in front of you comes to be a state of reality,

a state that never fades out as detachment

sets in to stay for life.  Music becomes background

noise to scenes from intimate to meaningless.

Viewing, watching, collecting moments to replay

over and over in punishment and in pleasure.  I

have nothing but time in the theatre of my head,

wondering how I look through someone else’s eyes?

M. Willcox (Photo credit M. Willcox)

This is a photo I took in Bonaventure Cemetery, it has been

manipulated to show how it feels to be detached and alienating,

at least from my point of view.

Day 12 – Estranged and Cut off – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015


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