Fictional am I

I seek the shadows, the whispery places

you wouldn’t think to look.  I am seen

and unseen, skulking about like a rat

in the dark.  You wouldn’t recognize

me for my shadow is my own worst

enemy.  I’ve had years of mistrust

building up and I can’t quite come

forward yet.  Theres still something

for me to do.  I’m called Boo.  I have

the best intentions and even those

are misconstrued by high society.

Those who take two baths a day are

considered clean while I’m the town

boogeyman.  I’ve only ever wanted a

friend, someone to care for and play

with.  My mentality is simple and I am

robust of heart but that doesn’t matter

because you all fear my name.  Its all

too complicated for me to understand

why I have to live in the dark of night but

the social butterflies who intentions are

not that pure get to live in the daylight.

No, I am the shadow that you thought

you saw, big and tall and mean and

harmful.  My name is Boo for no good

reason.  I will prove you wrong and its

only polite to apologize once you’ve

been proven wrong.

M. Willcox


Boogey Man by M. Willcox

Day 11 – I hear fictional poets – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

My thoughts went directly to Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Maybe I just have a penchant for misunderstood and downtrodden characters.

I speak for the voiceless so very often.


9 thoughts on “Fictional am I

  1. My son is reading To Kill a Mockingbird right now and I’m so excited because I really enjoyed that book. I will have to remember to share this poem with him when he finishes the story because I think we will really be able to have some great discussions about Boo and what makes him different exploring some of the imagery you’ve used here. Thanks!

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  2. Boo Radley! Cool idea. I liked all the references to the story in there as well, especially the two-baths conceit of the town ladies. For some reason, that bit of the story was memorable where she talked about them being like tea cakes wrapped in talcum powder (I don’t remember the exact words). Good write. I think you captured some of his simpleness but also some of his anger at being alienated.

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