Road to where?

Stirrings, a random thought provoked by a single image,

this thought is different for us all.

A photograph is worth a thousand words, each having our

own interpretation, experience heavy handed in creating this image.

Stirrings, a random thought, transporting you from this place

to the next, inside your mind, reliving pain or celebrating in jubilance.

No words to describe the experience, when you look at a photograph

and go deep into your minds’ eye.

M. Willcox

Photo by M. Willcox

This photo represents a journey or a road traveled or a long way to go.  It really can be

read in many ways which I am so very proud of it.  This is black and white film photography

that I processed and printed myself.

Day 9 – I made this Poem – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015


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