Too good to be true…

Drifting in and out of consciousness,

I lose where I am and keep asking

whats going on?  Paramedics are blurs

of shapes and voices.  “She’s crashing!”, I hear

then nothing for a few minutes or so it seems.

Then they are back, apparently I’m clinging to life, barely.

I go inside and seek to reason my way through this.

I go back to you, you whose last memory I have of is

you sinking a knife into my chest.  You whom I can remember

cuddling with on a Saturday night.  You, my love, who stabbed

me repeatedly till all the noise and screams made the neighbors

suspect something foul was going on.  You, my friend, whose words

were the first indicator of something dark behind your smile.  Your

guilt trips a thing a beauty, shaming me that I had fun without you.

I glimpse the first time we met then the first fight we had, the heated words

launched at each other with impeccable precision.  You whose passion

I had never experienced.  Little did I know that passion would be my

undoing.  At first it was just words like daggers, then pushing and shoving

which graduated to punches and kicks, then I threw you out.  I thought

I was done with the violence, the hurt and the harm, but I was dead wrong.

“She’s crashing again!”, brings me back to the present, wondering where

I am again, I try and speak but no words come out, funny…never thought

words could hurt so much.  The lies and accusations, guilt trips and little

things you hinted at.  I never hurt you and I would certainly never harm you,

my love, why did you?  “She’s gone” is the last thing I hear as the light goes dark.  cousinJulia

M. Willcox (photo by M. Willcox)

Day 8 – Hurt vs Harm – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015


9 thoughts on “Too good to be true…

  1. “the heated words / launched at each other with impeccable precision.” I always wonder how people get so good at doing this to each other. People who use the word love like a key, just to come in and break the door from the inside…

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