Spill his guts…


Little vixen, you minx, tease or

tasty morsel.  If only the wolf could

talk, what would he say?  Interesting

to know what his mind was wrapped

around.  Little Red Riding Hood comes

to his forest and exacts revenge for his

natural behavior of animal lust.  His need

to consume and dwell as head of the table.

Little Red Riding Hood taking his life for

the life of her grandmother as the wolf

was resting.  Minx, little vixen, red riding

whore.  What would the wolf say if he

had the gift of speech, would he condemn

Red or own up to his foolish acts?

Take it personal or let bygones be bygones?

Treat Red with weary respect or fear

her merciless hand?  Take the heart of the

hunter who comes to her rescue or let

Red win this one?  What would the

wolf confide to a captive audience?

Only the wolf knows, and he’ll never tell.

M. Willcox

Day 7 – This poem is a myth – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

Artwork – artist unknown


11 thoughts on “Spill his guts…

  1. Oh the wolf. Is he evil or misunderstood? Good write. 🙂 I have read that European wolves were dangerous and would attack children if they found them but that North American wolves are not like that at all, but settlers assumed they were and killed them.


  2. I have never felt sorry for the wolf, as I read the tale as an allegory of men laying in wait for women. Can it truly be read from another angle? I suppose. The covens I knew were of the Gaya type–so not there. But I have always loved wolves for their power and fairness in the hunt, never known one to try to fool a little girl and her grandmother. Perhaps a wolf should not have been used in this tale?

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