Thirteen…1 & 3

Thirteen, 1 and 3 equals bad luck for most

but not me.  Shock and awe follow when I

explain that a curse only has power if

it is believed strongly enough.

Thirteen, 1 and 3 joined to create

a most optimal number.

Thirteen…weeks from now I will

accomplish three simple but life

changing goals, set forth by me

to henceforth be carried out over

time to balance a life of voids out.

Goal one of three…thirteen weeks

from now I will have gotten up with

the sunrise more often and just breathed

in life everlasting, calming my turbulent soul.

Goal two of three…thirteen weeks from now,

I seek to fade my detachment from this

life and those I love in it.  I’ve been unavailable

and its starting to show more often than I’d like.

Goal three of three…thirteen weeks from now,

my wings will have sprouted and I will have

more confidence in my ability to create, craft,

and succeed.

Thirteen, 1 and 3…weeks from now I will be

stronger, healing and recovered to live a more

superior life!

M. Willcox

Day 6 – Thirteen weeks from now – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

Artwork by Patricia Ariel who inspired my goals in this post.

Inspiration for todays post.


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