Bloody Sleep/Sheep

I had a thought…it passed an hour ago.

It leaves me reeling in the world wind of

incapacitation.  Yet I am still awake and

staring at the black ceiling, listening to

the hum of the fish tank.

No sleep…no sleep…no sleep.

I had a feeling of regret…it passed two hours ago.

I am left with the shoulda, woulda, coulda which

often comes with second guessing your past.

If only I could have a comforting thought but it has expired

for the night leaving me awake and counting black sheep.

My mind can’t focus, laying in the dark, dog at my side, I turn

and bury my face in her fur.  Two hours ago I lost my feeling

and three hours ago I lost my thought process but my eyes

are still open and its well past 3 am.  The absence of sleep

and thought and feeling creates a numbness that haunts me

throughout my days.  If only I could resurrect these luxuries

and stop counting sheep.

No sleep…no sleep…no bloody sleep for me.


7 thoughts on “Bloody Sleep/Sheep

  1. Those long nights are eternal when sleep deserts you, your body lays exhausted, your eyes refuse to focus but still your mind won’t allow the rest your body needs. All this seeps from your poem.


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