Sweet Read…

Imagination engaged as I prepare to do

the thing that I shouldn’t, not when I’ve got

dishes to clean and laundry to fold.  TV is

forgotten and silence ensues as I line up for

my take off into foreign land.  Silence is golden

I’ve always been told and I wholeheartedly agree

in this case.  When asked why am I so quiet, I only

reply “because your so loud.”  Snickering at the memory,

I pour my drink and prepare my space for this daring feat

of mind bending miraculous strength.  Practicing this talent

since childhood, shutting the world out and entering a new realm,

I’ve gotten pretty good over the years.  My tastes are varied, a little of

this and a little of that, a good yarn to forget that time flies by like a Tokyo

bullet train and the world is only getting louder and I can only stuff my face with

a good book every now an then, but a good yarn makes up the difference between

a good and a great morning.

Entry for Indulgences – Day 3 – NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015


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