In the Beginning…

In the beginning… 

There were words and thoughts that consumed my ever racing mind.
Darkness held me tight and I had to find a light which came in the
form of letters strung together to form the miracle of words.  Words
strung together with spaces to form sentences and those became

At first I hid these from her, not sure if she’d react with more
violence or with kindness.  She who birthed me, having raised
her hand to me a thousand times before in anger and frustration,
causing only pain and confusion to me that came from her.  I had
the choice and thats all that mattered, so I hid them from her some
more till I gained confidence to share my new found love with her,
a mother and a tormentor.

The darkness was abated and light began to flow into my world,
defeating the old uncertain and fearful me.  I still walked on eggshells
but with a lighter step than ever before.  I had the choice and thats
all that mattered.  My outlet birthed a confidence that allowed me
to push the pain and torment away, hold it at a distance and keep
it from destroying me.  I was punished by her and then kept my words away, but
I did not stop and words became pictures of line and light.

But I digress, in the beginning there were words that saved me from
the abuse that surrounded my world, encapsulated by light and that choice
to pen my pain made all the difference to a young girl unsure of her place in the world.


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